Easy-to-Make Travel Sticker Boards

Easy to Make Travel Sticker Boards for Campers

I don’t know about you, but one of our favorite things about traveling around in our camper is collecting stickers from each of the places we travel. It’s an inexpensive souvenir to remind us of each place we’ve visited!

But we struggled with how to display our stickers in a way that we could take with us if and when we ever move on to another camper. We didn’t want to just plaster them all over the walls, and then lose all those great mementos whenever we moved into a new travel trailer.

I came up with an easy to make travel sticker board to display our campground stickers, and thought I’d share it with you all! Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to create this board:

  • Black or White Foam Core Board (depends on your decor, we chose black for our board)
  • Roll of Duck Tape (Hobby Lobby has all kinds of vibrant, colorful, patterned Duck Tape options – I found one with little campers all over it!)
  • 9 removable velcro adhesive strips (the sturdiest you can find)

Measure the wall in your camper or RV where you’d like to display your sticker board. Cut your board to the exact dimensions you need to fit your space. We were lucky because the two dinette walls where we wanted to display our boards were exactly the size as one piece of foam core board.

Once you’ve cut your foam core board, adhere one strip of Duck Tape around the entire perimeter, creating a “picture frame” look.

Then, adhere your velcro strips to the back per the package directions – I would add a few more than you think just to make sure it stays in place.

And, voila! Instant travel sticker board! Now, you can display all those cool stickers you pick up from your travels – and the best part about it is, when you’re ready to move on to another trailer, you can just remove the velcro strips and take the board with you!

Easy to Make Travel Sticker Boards for Camper_2

Easy to Make Travel Sticker Boards for Campers

What type of mementos do you keep from your travels? Do you have a special way to display them? We’d love to hear from you!

About Liza

I'm a outdoorsy girl with a love of the comforts of home. We're learning how to family glamp in a travel trailer, one camping trip at a time! Greenville, SC is home base.
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5 Responses to Easy-to-Make Travel Sticker Boards

  1. I’ve been collecting key chains. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a way to display them yet. Hopefully soon, because I have quite the collection going 😁

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  2. Carolyn says:

    I collect patches from National Parks and Monuments that we have gone to. I plan to make a quilted wall hanging with them.


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